Java:9 years HTML/CSS:6 years
Python:4 years JavaScript:5 years
Android:3 years SQL:4 years
C#:3 years Unity:2 years
GoDot, Rust, Go, Bash, Lua: (<1 year)

Legends of Valeros

Legends of Valeros is a Minecraft server meant to replicate the experience of a traditional MMORPG experience. Though heavily influenced by World of Warcraft, I handcrafted each server plugin from the ground up to bring players a best in class experience.

While I am limited by the Minecraft engine, from skills to quests, database connections to the control panel, every single plugin is built to exact specifications from the owner, bringing a truely great MMO experieince to every single player, no mods required.


Shazbot is a Voice Assistant written in NodeJS. Born from the lack of open source Voice Assistances and myself being unwilling to use one from the major tech giants, Shazbot has a custom intent engine ("Conform") and utilizes a built in Natural Language Processor, created with love from the ground up.

Codename: Ivy

A massive cryptocurrency farm manager, built to scale. Easily deploy and manage hundreds of miners using our simple plug-and-play OS and simple interface, without sacrificing power.


A python library for easily creating service network discovery utilizing periodic UDP broadcast packets.


A Minecraft server network docker swarm controller, built to manage hundreds of servers from one centralized location.


My own take on a Minecraft-like voxel engine and, built from the ground up using the latest, modern LWJGL 3 techniques, it easily runs 10x faster than the original game. Featuring a server-first design, it is ready for multiplayer to be implemented, even singleplayer worlds hosting a virtual server in the background.

World Builder

Randomly generates a tesselated world containing somewhat realistic temperature and heightmaps that are used to realistically blend biomes together. The world can then be edited to your liking, then exported to PNG.

Everyone is Voices

A simple project that generates a persona for the social game "Everyone is John."

Telegram Bots

Lower on the list of my projects are a couple telegram bots.

  • @TheShazbot is a Telegram Bot to interface with an instance of Shazbot.
  • @MagicBun is a general purpose bot meant to make chatting with friends more entertaining, rather than provide any useful functions.
  • @BlabberingBot is a bot that learns to speak from every message sent to it.

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